All Saints' Episcopal Church and Saint George's Chapel, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Clergy and Staff

of All Saints' Episcopal Church
and St. George's Chapel


  • The Rev. Max J. Wolf, Rector
  • The Rev. Lara C.S. Stroud, Assistant Rector
  • Deacon Susan S. Phillips
  • Ralph I. Daub, Verger


  • Parish Administrator: Melissa Jackewicz
  • Director of Music:  Alex Helsabeck
  • Administrative Assistant: Michele Carey
  • Parish Housekeeper: Cynthia Hyland


  • Senior Warden:  David Risseeuw
  • Junior Warden: Cheryl Graves
  • Members:  Mary Lerch, Janis Bardi, Sam Steward, Olivia Mack, Alan Strigga, Melissa Richardson, Sue Mast, Jamie Colvett, James Brand and Joseph Cascio
  • Ex Oficio: The Rev. Max J. Wolf; Olly Wolf, ECW President; Marge Emerich, Clerk; Jack Hickey, Treasurer


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The Vestry of the Episcopal Parish of All Saints' Church/St. George's Chapel is the governing body consisting of the Rector, Wardens and lay members. Vestry meetings, which occur on a monthly basis (and special occasions as needed), are presided over by the Rector (in his/her absence, the Senior Warden or Junior Warden will preside) and are represented by six lay members from All Saints' Church and six lay members from St. George's Chapel. Their responsibilities include:

  • Care of parish finances
  • Care of parish buildings/properties
  • Overseeing management of various parish activities
  • Overseeing parish policies, records and vestry decisions
  • Exhibit faithfulness in worship and participate in the activities of the parish community
  • Function as a sounding board and impartial source of support for the Rector

Lay members are elected for 3-year terms (not to exceed two consecutive terms) at the annual Parish meeting. They may be off the Vestry for as little as one year and be elected again for another term. There is no maximum number of times that Vestry members can serve.